About ESBF


The European Sustainable Biofuels Forum (ESBF) was created in 2012 to spread extensive and accurate information on the state of play of European biofuels. We are committed to provide regularly technical and market information as well as regulatory insight of our sector. The ESBF is also strongly focusing on providing an unite platform for future developments of technologies and use of alternative advanced resources. The information provided here aims at facilitating the Commission, the stakeholders and national authorities with detailed understanding on the further deployment of the different types of biofuels in and outside the EU market.

As such, ESBF is a single organisation grouping the European biofuels producers and policy actors under one single umbrella in order to address common issues and promote the development of alternative fuels.



ESBF is dedicated to promote greater knowledge of the biofuels sector and to extend its contribution in enhancing Europe’s security of energy supply. Together with the ESBF Brochure "Biofuels - sustainable and safe energy for Europe", this website provides an overall view of the state of play of current sustainable biofuels, completed by the ESBF Brochure 

ESBF promotes share of information and cooperation among stakeholders as well as develop greater awareness of the different current and future use of sustainable biofuels. The European Sustainable Biofuels Forum is hence a platform for exchanging knowledge on European production, trade volumes and patterns as well as use of feedstocks in processing biofuels.

ESBF furthermore promotes interaction among stakeholders by organising workshops and attending conferences to spread the outcome of our research and activities.


ESBF Brochure


ESBF Board Of Representatives:

Mr. David Chiaramonti – European Algae Biomass Association (EABA)

Ms. Agata Przadka – European Biogas Association (EBA)

Mr. Raffaello Garofalo – European Biodiesel Board (EBB)

Mr. Robert Wright– European Renewable Ethanol Association (ePURE)

Mr. Martin Ernst – BDI BioEnergy International

Mr. Sandro Cobror – Chemtex Italia

Mr. Paolo Franceschini – Idea-RE

Ms. Julie Tolmie – MappingBook